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Newton 7-Slot Chassis Campus Core Switch


Feature Highlights:

Ruijie Newton 18000 Switch Series (RG-N18000) is industry leading core switch with a broad spectrum of specialized campus network features. Ruijie RG-N18000 core switches achieve virtualization, and wired wireless integration. With AC line card, it supports management of maximum 2560 APs. At the same time, Ruijie RG-N18000 core switches support combo-port line module option, giving you a variety of options for your network.

Ruijie brings you an innovative “Network Cloud Mode” featuring strong cloud and light access: Building a strong core (unified gateway, authentication, multiservice) for light access.

Ruijie RG-N18000 Series deploys an advanced software architecture design and is one of the world’s leading core switches with the highest specifications. The series supports CLOS switching architecture and offers sustaining bandwidth upgrade and service support capacities.