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RG-WS6512-L High-Performance Large Campus Wireless Access Controller

Highlight Features

  • Layered management and control for large networks
  • Switching between centralized and local forwarding
  • Load balancing between APs, dynamic bandwidth allocation for STAs, 5G band-select, smooth network connection
  • Ruijie cloud management, intelligent optimization


The RG-WS6512-L high-performance wireless access controller (AC), developed by Ruijie Networks, is targeted for next-generation high-speed wireless networks. It can be deployed on a Layer 2 or Layer 3 network without any architecture or hardware device changes, delivering seamless and secure control over wireless networks.

The RG-WS6512-L can manage up to 128 wireless access points (APs) by default. With licenses for capacity expansion, it can manage a maximum of 1,152 generic APs or 2,304 wall-mounted APs.

Through powerful centralized and visualized management and control over wireless networks, the RG-WS6512-L can significantly simplify construction and deployment of wireless networks.

The RG-WS6512-L, adopting enhanced security and clustering technologies, offers identity-based networking services. Multiple ACs in a cluster can share a user database, allowing clients to seamlessly roam in different areas of a network. The cluster design guarantees the security and session integrity during roaming and smooth interaction of data and voice over Wi-Fi applications.

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